A highway leading to a sunset in the distance.
A highway leading to a sunset in the distance.

If you’re heading out on the highway, you want to feel confident that your car is up to the task. Holiday has you and your car’s best interests in mind. Whether it’s our Blue Planet Gasoline or clean burning E85, you can drive away knowing you’ve got something great in your tank.
If you’re heading out on the highway, you can drive away from Holiday knowing that you've got something great in the tank.

Blue Planet Gasoline logo.
Not only does Blue Planet Gasoline help keep the air clean by reducing tail pipe emissions, it helps keep the engine in your car clean as well. Enriched with Smart Power engine cleaning additives, Blue Planet Gasoline helps prevent the buildup of harmful deposits on critical engine components that can inhibit your vehicle’s performance. By keeping your engine clean, it improves power and acceleration while maximizing fuel efficiency. Drive smart, drive clean.
A car fueling up at a Holiday fuel pump.

The sun beaming through a corn field.
E85 Gasoline logo.
E85 and E15 are alternative fuels made up of a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. Primarily made from corn, ethanol-based fuel blends burn cleaner and emit less carbon monoxide than standard gasoline blends. E85 contains up to 85% ethanol and is intended for use by Flex Fuel Vehicles (indicated by a decal inside the fuel door). E15 contains 15% ethanol and can be used by any car 2001 or newer.
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If you experience a fuel-system problem related to our gasoline, email us at customerservice@holidaystationstores.com.